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  • VIRTUS 100 is designed for in-line usage
  • Applicators available for various product types and fitting positions
  • Simple integration into the production line
  • High speed printing and application of labels
  • Print head with a resolution of 8-12 dots/mm
  • Right and left sided mounting available
  • High reliability
  • 600 m thermal transfer ribbon
  • CE Approved

Example of use

The picture shows the Virtus 100 with the following options:

  • External control panel
  • Keyboard
  • Stand

The Printer

The thermal transfer printer is a heavy-duty printer for long-term usage and high production cycles.

It is fast due to the printing speed of up to 200 mm per second, the printer can be used for production lines with very high production cycles. The resolution of 8 or 12 dots per mm guarantees razor sharp prints. As the printer can be mounted on the left or right hand side, the ideal mounting solution can always be found for ease of use and production.

The Applikator

A wide range of standard applicators are available and we can also adapt products to meet customers’ specifications. The applicator takes the printed label from the printer and transfers it to the product, whereby the vacuum keeps the label stuck to the dispensing plate. The label is applied through pressure or a blowing and wiping function. We have the appropriate module for each application whether from the side, the front or on the corner.

The Software

The user-friendly label printing programme enables the optimum use of the entire system. It is configured to the windows platforms and the label details can be easily entered. Texts, graphics, bar codes and special fields can be entered with ease. Both elaborate and functional labels can be designed with true type characters and characters compatible with the printer.

It is possible to connect directly with various databases via ODBC. The integrated SAP function means that it is possible to create a file at a touch of a button, which can then be uploaded into a SAP script form.

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The Communication

The VIRTUS 100 can be accessed by every EDP/SPS system. It is equipped with all current interface systems (Ethernet, USB, serial, parallel). The standard CF drive means that it can be used even without a EDP connection. Furthermore there are standard signals (entries and exits) to ensure an optimal integration into your system.

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Variable Printing

Our VIRTUS series high-speed printers have proven themselves to be indispensable in industrial applications for long working periods and high production cycles. Our wide range of labelling systems offers the optimum solution for every labelling requirement.

Our wide range of labelling systems provides the optimal solution for every labelling requirement.

spendeanlage virtus 100 106

Model series VIRTUS 100

The Virtus 100 product range is a further development of the Virtus 200 series, which has been on the market for many years.

Thanks to a new development of the electronics, the Virtus 100 series can be made much more compact and cheaper. All advantages of the well-known series are retained.

The product is labelled in a continuous process. The system automatically scans the different product heights.

The modular design allows a quick adjustment of the machine to different label formats, from the size of a postage stamp up to A3 format – without having to change the entire system.

The label is applied by means of stamping, wiping or blowing functions, and thus sensitive products can also be marked.