• VIRTUS 200 is designed for in-line operation
  • applicators for the most different product types and mounting positions
  • Easy integration into production lines
  • Printing and labelling at high speed
  • Ribbon optimization to reduce the cost of consumables
  • print head with a resolution of 8 and 12 dots/mm
  • available in right or left-hand versions
  • High reliability
  • 600 m thermal transfer ribbon
  • Standard accessories for cable set 2.5 meters between the system and the control unit
  • Optional: Cable set 4.5 meters
  • CE Approval

The Printer

The thermo- and thermo transfer printer is a heavy duty printer suitable for long running times and large production batches. It is fast and the high printing speed of up to 300 mm per second means that it can be used in production lines with extremely fast production cycles. The high resolution of 8 or 12 dots per mm guarantees highly accurate printing quality.

As the printer can be mounted on the left or right side, there is always an optimum solution to ensure the most efficient running of the system to meet your individual operating needs.

The Applicators

There is a large number of standard applicators available and we can also supply products tailor-made to customers‘ specifications. The applicator takes the printed label from the printer and transfers it to the product, during this time the label remains attached to the dispensing plate by a vacuum. The label is then applied using standard pressure, pressure and air, wiping, or through an air only process. We have the appropriate module for side, front or corner labeling.

The Software

By taking advantage of the user friendly label printing program you can optimize the whole running of the system. It is configurated to run on the windows platforms and this makes the entering of label data easy. Texts, graphics, bar codes and extra fields can be easily entered without any fuss. Sophisticated and functional labels can be designed using either true type fonts or with fonts available in the printer.

It can be connected directly to various data bases or via OBDC.
The integrated SAP functionality means that a file can be generated at the touch of a button, which can then be uploaded in an SAP type form.

virtus 200 skizze

The Communication

The VIRTUS 200 can be operated using all types of EDP / SPS.It is equipped with all standard interfaces(Ethernet, USB, serial, parallel).The standard CF – drive means that it can also be operated without an EDP connection.Furthermore there are standard signals(input and output) to ensure an optimum integration into your system.