• VIRTUS 300 is designed for in-line usage
  • Transfer units for various product types and application situations
  • Easy integration into the production lines
  • High speed printing and labelling
  • Printing head with a resolution of 8 and 12 dots/mm
  • Available in right and left-hand-side versions
  • Extremely reliable
  • 600 m colour ribbon
  • Label un-winder with 300 or 400 mm outer diameter
  • CE-Certification

The Printer

The thermal/ thermal-transfer printer is a robust printer suitable for extended operating periods and high production cycles. It is fast, and due to its printing speed of up to 300 mm  / second it can be used in production lines with very high production cycles. The resolution of 8 or 12 dots/mm guarantees high precision prints.

Printing is even more economical using the optimal transfer band optimisation.

As the printer is available in both right and left-hand-side versions, there is always an ideal installation solution allowing for optimal functioning and operating.

The Application Units

A large range of standard units for labelling from above, or from the side are available.

We can also adapt models to meet our customers’ individual specifications.

The optional speed sensor allows the machine to be operated at varying speeds.

The Software

The user-friendly label printing programme Labelstar Office / Nice Label allows for the most optimal usage of the whole system. It has been adapted to interface with the Windows-Platforms and so the entering of data for labels is very straightforward. Texts, graphics, bar-codes and special fields can all be programmed very easily. Sophisticated and functional labels can be designed using both true type fonts and also with type fonts available in the printer. It is possible to make a direct connection to various data bases via ODBC.

The integrated SAP function allows a file to be created simply by clicking on the keyboard, which can then be uploaded to an SAP script form.

spendeanlage virtus 300 skizze

The Communication

The VIRTUS 300 can be run by any EDP/SPS. It is equipped with all common interfaces (Ethernet, USB, serial, parallel). The standard CF-Drive allows it to be operated without using an EDP connection.Furthermore it has all the standard signals (inputs and outputs) to ensure an optimal integration into your system.