Etikettierer Almatic C Rundumetikettierung
Garburg Almatic C Etikettiermaschine für Rundum Etikettierung
Almatic Dosenetikettierung
Almatic C Skizze Etikettierer
  • Skin care & cleansing products
  • Cosmetics & pharmaceutical products
  • Food products
  • Beverages
  • Chemical products
  • Confectionery
  • Food for pets
  • Tea & Coffee

The ALmatic C bottle labeler stands on a stable aluminum frame. The labeler can be adjusted crosswise to the running direction by hand wheel. The system is modular – the labeler can later be integrated into automatic packaging lines.

Optionally, printing is possible inline via thermal transfer printer. For printing colored labels, we recommend our Epson C6000 color label printer.

The semi-automatic ALmatic C is a labeling system for wrap-around labeling. ALmatic C is a high precision desktop wrap-around labeling system / wraparound labeling system, with simple operation. that labels a wide range of cylindrical items from 12 mm to 110 mm. It can label not only cans, but also bottles, jars and cartridges. With appropriate accessories, the machine can be configured into a fully automatic labeler. Not only cans, but also bottles, jars and cartridges can be labeled.

  • High quality wrap-around labeling machines / desktop wraparound labeling machine.
  • Labelling of cylindrical products with a diameter of 12 – 110 mm.
  • All options as available with our fully automatic machines, including transparent sensors and full inline printing machines

ALmatic C is a high precision semi-automatic tabletop labeling machine for applying self-adhesive labels to flat-sided non-conical cylindrical products. It is very easy to operate by sliding the product on a high quality linear roller bearing assembly into the three-roller drive of the application position and rotating the product at high speed for partial or full wraparound label application.

Based on the same mechanical drive system as our fully automatic machines, ALmatic C provides an extremely high quality and accurate labeling solution that is compatible with the full range of label coding and/or inspection systems available with these machines. For example, ALmatic C can be equipped with a pharmaceutical code laser scanner and/or in-line thermal printer for batch, date code and/or 2D matrix printing, making it ideal for pharmaceutical applications.

Another key strength of ALmatic C is the ability to be configured for small diameter products or even products with protrusions, which requires a special roll arrangement. Of course, ALmatic C can be equipped with an ultrasonic label sensor for transparent label stocks if required.

The fact that ALmatic C is based on a fully automatic labeling head; The same head that we could use in an ALbelt machine, for example, offers the particularly interesting possibility to enable the future upgrade patch to a more automated conveyor-based solution for customers with growing labeling volumes.


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