Regaletiketten LEH

Take your labe­l­ing to a new level

With indi­vi­du­al and colou­red shelf labels by Color Works.

Regaletiketten LEH

  • Your stores are desi­gned with gre­at atten­ti­on to detail and shop­ping in your home has beco­me a real experience.
  • High-qua­li­ty shop­fit­ting meets sophisti­ca­ted pro­duct presentation.

But what about the scan­ner rail?

  • Black and white stan­dard labels or mono­chro­me pro­mo­tio­nal labels can no lon­ger keep up here.

Labels of yes­ter­day and tomorrow

Regaletiketten von gestern und morgen 2019 1

Make more of your labels

  • Dis­co­ver our solu­ti­on for indi­vi­du­al labels! Sim­ply con­vin­cing design, easy hand­ling and still con­vin­cin­g­ly inexpensive!
  • Attrac­ti­ve and pro­duct group-ori­en­ted design
  • no sto­cking of pre-prin­ted pro­mo­tio­nal labels
  • Addi­tio­nal sales-pro­mo­ting information
  • Adver­ti­sing of actions direct­ly on the shelf labels, e.g.
  • Cross-sel­ling campaigns
  • mul­ti-buy actions
  • spe­cial offers
  • The­me and sea­son promotions

Epson Etikettendrucker C3500 1

Learn more about the Epson Color Works series:


Down­load the com­ple­te report:

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