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Solvent- and weather-resistant labels, automatic labelling . The two-colour printer of the DuoPrint series meets the requirements for sorting and labelling system according to GHS (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 and BS5609 sea water resistant.



Polyester foil T9003V is especially designed for the secure and reliable labelling of machines and spare parts. Attempts to remove the label will result in the covered squares being clearly separated from the foil, and remaining parts staying attached to the surface underneath.


Medical Technology

The wide variety of applications in the medical and pharmaceutical sector place a number of demands on labels for this area, like for example a migration free adhesive or to withstand different sterilisation procedures etc.

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Garburg labelling technology provides solutions for all the very exacting demands and requirements for labelling in the automotive sector. The engine area requires labels with high adhesive properties, which can withstand high temperatures and extreme weather conditions. Naturally all labels provide constant adhesive properties.

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Timber and Furniture Labelling

Labelling of cut-to-size timber pieces for further processing – whilst cut-to-size timber pieces require extremely heavy duty adhesives, furniture panels require a special kind of adhesive so they can be easily removed leaving no traces.



An industry which focuses so highly on precision work can also rely on Garburg to provide first class precision in labelling technology. We meet all your requirements with the utmost precision.

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Building Sector

The building sector is characterised by rough and dusty surfaces, extreme variations in weather and temperature of all kinds. Labelling in this business must meet a wide variety of extreme requirements and surroundings, as well as the CE-Approval.

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Carpet Manufacture

Labels of acetate silk are ideal for labelling carpets. The combination of flexible silk and heavy duty adhesives means that the label can be affixed perfectly to the underside of the carpet.

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Food Manufacturing Sector

Labelling of products, trays and pallets, high speed and automatic labelling, labelling for RFID. QR-Codes provide optimal traceability.


Metal Industry

Garburg meets the requirements of the metal industry with heat and weather resistant labels. Naturally these are all solvent resistant and stick well to problem surfaces.

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Glass and Ceramics Industry

A revolution in labelling technology: Labels and adhesive which totally dissolve in cold water –and without leaving any traces! Or alternatively we can supply heavy duty adhesives which are tamper free as they cannot be re-positioned.

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Logistics / Storage

The most up to date labelling technology, combined with RFID or barcodes, gives you full control over storage and loading of goods at all times.