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Label Rewinder & Unwinder

Re- and Unwin­d­er GEA 1

The GEA 1 is the most well-known wind­er in the low cost sec­tor world­wi­de. It was desi­gned for a medi­um volu­me of labels. The ope­ra­ting direc­tion can be swit­ched, and so the machi­ne can also used as an unwin­ding device.

GEA Serie 200 und 300

Exter­nal Label­ling — Wind­er GEA Series

The label­ling wind­er series GEA 200 and GEA 300 are the opti­mal addi­ti­on to your prin­ting sys­tems. The com­pact and robust con­s­truc­tion method means that they can be com­bi­ned with many prin­ting sys­tems. Depen­ding on the model, they can wind up labels of up to 170 mm in width, and rolls of up to 300 mm in diameter.

The machi­nes are equip­ped with an auto­ma­tic speed reco­gni­ti­on sys­tem, sens­ing with a dancing arm, two win­ding speeds and an auto­ma­tic shut down system.

  • Available in two varieties
  • solid case: metal design
  • grey, pow­der coated
Machi­ne TypeGEA 200 GEA 300
Label widthup to 115 mm up to 170 mm
Core dia­me­ter40 or 76 mm 40 or 76 mm
Roll dia­me­terup to 200 mm up to 300 mm
Win­ding speedup to 300 mm/s up to 300 mm/s
Direc­tion switch insi­de / outsideYesYes
Auto­ma­tic speed detection YesYes
Speeds2 dif­fe­rent speeds2 dif­fe­rent speeds
Auto­ma­tic switch off YesYes
Label gui­dance Yes, on both sidesYes, on both sides
CaseAll-metal con­s­truc­tionAll-metal con­s­truc­tion
Sup­p­ly voltage 230 V / 50 Hz – 115 V / 60 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz – 115 V / 60 Hz