etikettenspender halbautomatischer halbautomatisch GES 115 165
etikettenspender GES 115 165
halbautomatischer etikettenspender GES 115 165 2

Semi-Auto­ma­tic Label Dis­pen­ser Model GES 115/165

The electric label dis­pen­ser GES 115/165 pro­vi­des a user friend­ly and pri­ce eco­no­mi­c­al solu­ti­on to pro­cess self-adhe­si­ve labels on rolls.

The GES allows fle­xi­ble and fast manu­al label­ling. Thanks to the electric dri­ve, all com­mon self-adhe­si­ve labels are dis­pen­sed quick­ly and easily.

Once the label has been remo­ved by hand, the next one is auto­ma­ti­cal­ly and any ran­dom size can be dispensed.

The label is reco­gnis­ed by the adjus­ta­ble light bar­ri­er. For trans­pa­rent labels the­re is a ver­si­on avail­ab­le with fib­re glass optics: GES115T.

The pho­to shows GES115 with optio­nal coun­ter and unwind discs.

The label dis­pen­ser GES can pro­cess labels wound up intern­al­ly or extern­al­ly of exter­nal dia­me­tres of up to 220 mm, and up to 165 mm label width

For app­li­ca­ti­ons in damp envi­ron­ments in the phar­maceu­ti­cal sec­tor, or food pro­duc­tion the­re is a ver­si­on avail­ab­le with stain­less steel chas­sis and cover.

For any fur­ther ques­ti­ons plea­se con­ta­ct us.