etikettenspender halbautomatischer halbautomatisch GES 115 165
etikettenspender GES 115 165
halbautomatischer etikettenspender GES 115 165 2

Semi-Automatic Label Dispenser Model GES 115/165

The electric label dispenser GES 115/165 provides a user friendly and price economical solution to process self-adhesive labels on rolls.

The GES allows flexible and fast manual labelling. Thanks to the electric drive, all common self-adhesive labels are dispensed quickly and easily.

Once the label has been removed by hand, the next one is automatically and any random size can be dispensed.

The label is recognised by the adjustable light barrier. For transparent labels there is a version available with fibre glass optics: GES115T.

The photo shows GES115 with optional counter and unwind discs.

The label dispenser GES can process labels wound up internally or externally of external diametres of up to 220 mm, and up to 165 mm label width

For applications in damp environments in the pharmaceutical sector, or food production there is a version available with stainless steel chassis and cover.

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