Security Labelling / Inventory Labelling with Polyester foil T9003V

The Garburg Polyester foil T9003V matt silver has been especially developed for security labelling. It is equipped with hidden squares and any attempts to remove them, will result in them being clearly separated from the foil, and being left behind attached to the surface. On the foil these symbols appear as a Blank Space; labels made of this material cannot be moved without destroying them.

The adhesive is solvent based and sticks very well to various surfaces. The security effect depends on the type of surface, and functions up to ca 60-100°C.

The material surface is especially coated for thermal transfer printing. With the Thermal Transfer Foil Extreme 2 you can achieve a very high level of printing stability.

Minimum sticking temp.: +7°C
Temperature Stability: -40 bis + 120°C
Liner siliconized paper:  65 g/qm
Storage:  12 months at 20-25°C, 40-50% RH

The adhesive is also suitable for low energised surfaces, such as several plastics and power-coated surfaces. The above details represent our current empirical evidence, based on our experience and should not be used in specifications. We kindly ask our customers to check in advance before using the products, whether they are suitable for the purpose intended and particularly if there are any external factors which would have an influence on the effectiveness of the product to be used. All questions concerning guarantee and liability for this product, are subject to our current General Terms and Conditions of Sale, provided these are not contravened by other legal rulings.