etikettengestaltungssoftware label star office

Label­star Office

  • Simp­le ope­ra­ti­on via drag & drop
  • Sup­ports the most com­mon bar­code types
  • Direct data­ba­se con­nec­tion possible
  • Cus­to­mi­sed label design thanks to a wide varie­ty of prin­ter and sys­tem variables
  • Mar­kups for fle­xi­ble text formatting
  • Print pre­view, log­ging, memo­ry card sup­port and other features

system requirements LabelDesigner

Pro­gram Variants

With Label­star Office, you beco­me your own label desi­gner. An opti­mi­sed user inter­face with con­trol via drag & drop offers maxi­mum com­fort. Num­e­rous opti­ons are available for text for­mat­ting and sym­bol embed­ding. In addi­ti­on to the most com­mon bar code types, the soft­ware offers various prin­ter and sys­tem varia­bles for fle­xi­ble label design.

Label Desi­gner

Label desig­ning – Labels can be easi­ly and rapidly crea­ted and prin­ted with the Label Desi­gner. Ever­t­hing is pos­si­ble from straight­for­ward lay­out crea­ti­on through to com­plex bar code labels with varia­bles and user inputs.

Labelstar Office QuickPrint


With the Quick Print pro­gram, labels can be easi­ly prin­ted out from a brow­ser interface.

Labelstar Office QuickPrint

Print Form

Label print – The uni­form user inter­face with dyna­mic label pre­vie­w­ing of the Label­star Office Print Form ensu­res that the prin­tout of labels and prin­ting jobs is opti­mi­zed and accelerated.

Labelstar Office FolderMonitor

Fol­der Monitor

Auto­ma­tic print – Thanks to a simp­le file inter­face in the Fol­der Moni­tor of Label­star Office, the label print is inte­gra­ted into your busi­ness application.

Sys­tem Requirements

  • Micro­soft Win­dows 7 SP1/8/8.1/10 (x86/x64)
  • .Net Frame­work 4.6 or hig­her (
  • Micro­soft Visu­al C++ 2010 SP1 Redis­tri­bu­ta­ble (x86)
  • Micro­soft Visu­al C++ 2015 Redis­tri­bu­ta­ble (x86)
  • Micro­soft Access Data­ba­se Engi­ne 2010 (x86)
  • Recom­men­ded prin­ter dri­vers: Carl Valen­tin prin­ter dri­ver ver­si­on 2.4.1 or higher