Etikettierung von Wein - Likoerflaschen ALline-E
Garburg ALline E
ALline-E mit Kettenausrichtung
  • Inline front and back labeling machine Labeling for flat and elliptical shaped products.
  • Ultra-rugged, fully enclosed base structure/chain conveyor/superstructure – for complete system rigidity
  • State-of-the-art closed-loop real-time feedback synchronization
  • Centralized management control with complete memory function/remote access module
  • Precision motion systems with standard scales and counters on all motion devices
  • Output can be set up to 500 pieces/min

ALline E is a high performance front and back labeling system designed for line critical inline operation.

It is designed for optimized configuration in a modular format with a stepless choice of spacing, orientation and labeling head solutions (from the ALritma series), selected according to the products to be marked and the performance requirements of the application.

To synchronize these elements, all ALline E labeling systems have a state-of-the-art electronic encoder system as standard. This closed-loop system monitors all of its devices in real time, ensuring that they are perfectly on time, even under load or when starting or stopping the machine.

A large, top-mounted touchscreen control operates all machine modules with intuitive operation via a visual machine display and full recipe format storage with setup parameters for all devices, not just the labeling head as is common with most comparative machines.

This feature offers the advantage of full optimization of each product recipe setup, allowing different products to run at different conveyor speeds or product pitches (for example). It also includes all equipment setup values (recorded from the machine’s standard axis dials and scales) for fully repeatable setups between products and batches, eliminating any operator setup ambiguity.

The design of each ALline E requires four essential processes for accurate labeling; namely product spacing, product alignment, product stabilization and then label application.

ALline E’s robust solid base structure provides an ultra-stiff platform to ensure complete rigidity and positional continuity of the various elements – critical for consistent, repeatable and accurate labeling, which is a core requirement of the machine.

For this reason, all ALline E systems feature a top trestle, even without a cabinet, which hardens the top stabilizing belt for increased rigidity of the entire system.

All ALline E versions also come standard with a stainless steel top plate, a chain conveyor (that can be pulled out), and a top-mounted control panel that can be rotated 180 degrees (for machine operation on either side of the production line), provides a user-friendly operator interface, and, of course, liquid protection.

If required, ALline E can be specified with a housing and/or fully stainless 304 or 316 construction – i.e. for wet or corrosive environments.