• Vivax 300 labe­l­ing sta­ti­on for indus­tri­al in-line usage
  • Label width 80 mm; 160 mm; 240 mm and 320 mm
  • Label­ling speed up to 180 m / min
  • Auto­ma­tic speed syn­chro­niza­ti­on: optionally
  • Pos­si­ble labe­l­ing of pro­ducts side‑, top‑, bot­tom- and all-around-labelling
  • Label tole­rance up to 0,3 mm
  • Trans­fer units for a wide varie­ty of pro­duct types and instal­la­ti­on positions
  • Easy inte­gra­ti­on into the pro­duc­tion facility
  • Can be optio­nal­ly expan­ded with ther­mal trans­fer prin­ter for varia­ble printing
  • Moun­ting or uni­ver­sal stand depen­ding on cus­to­mer application

Vivax 300 quick-clam­ping system

The lar­ge unwin­ding device with an outer dia­me­ter of 300 or 400 mm and the quick-release sys­tem mini­mi­se downtimes.

Wrap-Around label­ling

Wrap-around label­ling of bot­t­les and cans, whe­ther with one or two labels. The sys­tem is adapt­ed to your requi­re­ments with a rol­ler sepa­ra­tor, rol­ler prism or roll-on belt.

Top- and bot­tom labelling

The top- and bot­tom labe­l­ing is done in one pass.

Can be exten­ded with ther­mal trans­fer prin­ter for varia­ble prin­ting optional.