Epson ColorWorks C6000 Serie

Epson ColorWorks C6000Ae/ C6000 Pe/C6500Ae

Industrial Color Label Printer

The dawn of a new label printing era! Labels in photo print quality with 4 or 8 inch print width and either Autocutter or Peeler!

The ColorWorks C6000Ae, C6000Pe, C6500Ae and C6500Pe on-demand printers expand the existing ColorWorks product line and provide customers in the food and beverage, chemical, industrial, horticultural, and logistics industries (such as beekeepers, home breweries, and self-marketers) with a solution that enables them to produce short to medium runs of very high print quality on a wide variety of materials as needed. All four new ColorWorks models will be available around January 2020.

  • Easy handling due to clever paper management and clear display of printer operating status via color display
  • Control via USB & Ethernet
  • Media variety (Glossy, PE, films etc.)
  • Print on any label form
  • The sliding sensor increases flexibility when using pre-punched labels
  • Integration: Models with Peeler (Pe) can be seamlessly integrated into production lines.
  • Easy Integration: Direct SAP Support, ESC/Label, Linux and Mac Drivers
  • Remote management and maintenance: Available via web interface
  • High print resolution with color profiling: Very good print quality, allows the use of ICC profiles with spot color management from within the printer driver.
  • saving: low consumption costs and no stock of printed labels required. Also prints in full colour on labels.
  • Very compact footprint and easy operation: All functions are accessible from the front, saving operating space. Roller replacement is possible from the front, right and left.

Additional information

wine labels Epson C6000

Either with automatic paper cutter or peeler

The product line with the product name ending “Ae” has an automatic paper cutter, while the models with the product name ending “Pe” offer a peeler that automatically removes the backing paper of self-adhesive labels. The Peeler models can thus be seamlessly integrated into existing print-and-apply production lines. In addition, the integrated I/O port allows control by production equipment.

Color Works C6500 series CLP GHS Labeling

Media widths

The four new Epson ColorWorks support a variety of formats, materials and label sizes. The ColorWorks C6000Ae and C6000Pe models support media widths of 4 inches (25.4 to 112 mm) and the ColorWorks C6500Ae and C6500Pe models support media widths of 8 inches (25.4 to 215.9 mm). The new label printers thus cover virtually all label production requirements – from tiny labels for small vials to large, durable label sheets for, for example, barrels of chemicals (GHS standard). This media flexibility and the ability to produce labels as required (even in small formats) make life easy for companies with many articles and tight deadlines.